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An Introduction to Worlds End - The Graphic Novel

Welcome to the realms of Worlds End.


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Hi there and welcome to the weird and wonderful place that is Worlds End.

In the series of Graphic Novels that Tim is presently working on you can follow the exploits of young Ralf and his allies, Gweldar the Elder, his familiar, Geek, and a young girl they meet early in their adventures called Zephol, as they fight to keep their world safe from the invading hordes of alien interlopers, known as the Aoevill.

Introduction to Worlds End:

On the third planet from the outer rim of the Squatsretch system lies a world untainted by evil. It's myriad inhabitants going about their daily lives without worry or fear…
That is until today…

An entire civilisation's invasion fleet infests the quiet planet intent on Terra-forming it and it is up to a small band of misplaced characters to stop them. The fate of a world lies in the hands of a wizard, his familiar, a young boy, a girl and the mystery of Worlds End. Are they enough to stop the myriad forces from the depths of outer space…?

The who's who of Worlds End:

I thought you might like to learn a little about some of the principle Characters, Places & a few Incidentals. These are the kind of things you can expect to see over the coming months.


Gweldar is a kind and bumbling mage. He can use limited magic. He has the ability to use more, but his memory is none too good. A common terminology used by him is to end a sentence with the phrase "…and no mistake!"


Geek is Gweldar's mischievous pet/familiar.


Ralf is the nephew of Rynarde earl of Phereaux, the shire in which we start the story. His uncle has the castle that overlooks the nearby village of Ruune, in which lives Gweldar et al. Ralf is visiting with his parents and a small entourage from a neighbouring shire to the west, a place called Xellos.


Zephol is a young girl that Gweldar, Geek and Ralf meet up with in the first episode.


Master Chl'atheeir is the commander of the herald battle force aboard the Battle Barge of the Aoevill that are first to land on the third planet from the outer rim of the Squatsretch system. He is also leader of the elite-fighting force known as Val'quath, which means The Shadow Warriors, in their native tongue. He is close to Lord Dhakross, often acting as confident to the ambitious Aoevill royal.


Sergeant Qu'aeltos is Master Chl'atheeir's second in command and performs all the normal duties assigned to a sergeant.


Shadow Warriors are a deadly, and mysterious elite fighting force, with arcane skills. They form the strategy and eldritch magiks side of the army.


The Storm Serpents are a race of deadly serpents, allied to the Aoevill. They are a deadly fighting force and form the front line of the Aoevill army.


The Aoevill are an aquatic, war-like race from a far away galaxy. They are in need of new worlds as they have outgrown their own worlds and seek to conquer and terra-form other worlds to fulfil their needs, hence their arrival on this world.


Lord Dhakross is second in command of the Aoevill race. He is the son of Lord Gralltharr and as such is 'Prince Regent'. He is a giant Scorpion fish type character that breathes water in through a mask not dissimilar to that worn by human divers.


Lord Gralltharr is the ruler of the Aoevill. He is similar in appearance to Lord Dhakross. His fleet form the High Host.


The High Host is the name given to the main fleet of the Aoevill race, commanded by Lord Gralltharr.


Low flying bike type affairs that Gweldar, Ralf and the others are able to ride upon.


Battle Barges are huge craft housing the armies and arsenals of the Aoevill race. They are capable of space travel ands carry an incredible array of external weaponry.
Leviathan class.


Lifeboats are the small craft used by the Aoevill to send small squads of fighting units down to the planet's surface. Basilisk class.


World Shakers are the biggest craft in the Aoevill fleet. They are as large as some small planetoids. Destroyer class.


The Mind Massager is the eldritch machine used by the Shadow Warriors to extract information from the minds of the enemy.


The Skelor are a race of externally boned creatures that have an external exoskeletal body


The Harvesters are a race of carnivorous creatures. They are used by the Aoevill to eradicate the enemy forces when it would be too costly to use normal squads of Shadow Warriors and, or Storm Serpents.


Biomines are floating, highly volatile creatures and are used by the Aoevill to make approach hazardous. If touched these creatures can either explode, fire lethal projectiles (Which can in turn be explosive or filled with acid) or secrete acids.


Weapons of mass destruction used by the Aeovill.


The science of numeracy and its magikal connotations.


A magikal key, that only Grand mages can invoke the power of, to open portals with.


A Ring of Magik that causes things to gather together…like a kind of eldritch Black Hole.


A Magikal box for viewing events from a distance.

Tim hopes that the above will serve to whet your appetite and cause you to frequent this website to find out how things are progressing with the Graphic Novel. The story is one of epic proportions, but told through the eyes of ordinary folk…although nothing about Worlds End is ordinary…really.

Have Fun…


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