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2011 - The Year of Worlds End

29 June 2011

Exciting News:

Here at the Keep the excitement mounts as the Worlds End Graphic Novel continues to move further towards completion.

As we said at the beginning of the year the book continues to be the priority one project for Tim at Wizards Keep this year.

The deadline for completion of the art is now set as late September, which will allow for the printing and shipping of the books.

Bosnian printer/publishers Print Media are set to print the books.

The album, which is fully illustrated throughout is going to be 88 full colour matt coated printed pages with a matt coated case-bound cover. It will include lots of additional artwork and sections as well as the first volume of the continuing story itself.

Below is the latest painted version of the original promotional piece of Worlds End artwork, which became known as "Ralf on the Rock" and is the first piece of new teaser art to be shown in a while now.

The lettering has started to arrive back from the other side of the world in the sunny climes of California from Richard Starkings' Comicraft Company. The lettering is being produced by Albert Deschesne and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

What's new at the Keep?

  • November will see the launch of the much-anticipated Worlds End Graphic Album.
  • There will be a pre-order facility here at the Keep soon to make an advance order. These orders will come with a special gift, as way of a special thank you for your support of Tim's new work.
  • This year will also see the official launch of the new Worlds End Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Portfolio and the Worlds End T-Shirt range prior to the launch of the album.
  • Also due to go into production later in the year are the Worlds End Colouring Book and following this will be the launch of the Worlds End Sketch Book, which will contain the work of many of Tim's favourite artists with their own interpretations of his characters - this will probably be sometime in 2012. 
  • Tim has handed over the writing of the current series of Blogs to his little furry buddy, Bentley "Bogtrotter" for a short while to keep the Blogs going and allowing Tim to continue to work on the album and a fun-filled series it is too.

Convention Appearances:

Tim will be appearing at the following conventions/festivals in 2011:

  • Thought Bubble - The Leeds Sequential Arts Festival - Saturday November 19th - Sunday November 20th
  • MaltaComicCon 2012 - The Third Annual Malta Comic Convention - Saturday November 26th - Sunday November 27th


Please come back soon to check out the Website for the launch date of the Worlds End Graphic Novel, and Tim's public appearances and his Signing Tour dates.

Ralf on the Rock 600pxls

Ralf on the Rock - Painted Artwork by Tim Perkins - Blueline Pencils + Digitally Paints in Corel Painter


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