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A small selection of testimonials and quotes we have put together.

I remember Jim Shooter and Tom DeFalco talking about comics and saying each page should be capable of being read at a glance. I’ve always thought they were wrong. What I am interested in is something that is original and beautiful that I can turn to again and again. Something with an immense feel-good factor, produced by someone who cares deeply about his work and whose intention is to produce something that can be enjoyed. I love the intricate detail of your work, the sheer “nuttiness” of the contraptions. I even love the villains – I get the feeling that if you met them in the bar after the show they would all be best of mates.

John Ridgway - Writer – Artist – “Frontiers” - “Dr Who” – “Prince Valiant” – “ Hal Starr”

Cheers, big fan of your work!

Peter Magro - Teacher - Malta

Thanks, Tim Perkins! My very own Worlds End. How cool is that?!

Julie Vigil - Comic Fan

God, I love the way you do buildings! Soooo cute! Loving the colour theme and ambience!

Oz Ali - Artist and Comic Fan

Hi Tim , Thank you very much for sending me " Worlds End " , I admire the designs , I would read the text .... I must learn English !!!! Sorry for not having responded earlier : my PC was a problem , then Michael and I left a few days. Congratulations for your dedication: your French is perfect. Michael and I would be happy to receive you one day in Corrèze , there are many flights between Liverpool and Limoges. (Translated from French)

Nicole Joubert Mahé

Beautiful work Tim Squire!

Richard Stone - Artist and Comic Book Fan

I can't wait to read it properly it's a beautiful book.

Kenny Gibson -

We’ve been away this weekend, so this is the first chance I’ve had to see what you’ve been up to. You are producing some beautiful work. It’s really good to see how things are progressing and just keep getting better. I love those spooky trees and the alien totem-pole type towers. This really should be a movie.

John Ridgway - Writer – Artist – “Frontiers” - “Dr Who” – “Prince Valiant” – “ Hal Starr”

This is stunning!

Ian Lydall - Comic Fan

Great job, Tim.

Bruce Zick - Comic Artist and Feature Animation Conceptual Artist

Always a joy looking at your work Tim.

Baden James Mellonie - Writer/Editor/Publisher

These are great - I must buy the book!

Tony O'Donnell

What's not to like about weird aliens and great composition? For me, speaking as a comics writer, good comic storytelling shouldn't need the words to tell the story and this page fulfills that essence to good comics. I'm looking forward to reading the book.

John Freeman - Writer/Editor and Owner of Down The Tubes website

You've arisen alike the Pheonix, my good friend. Your horse is well and truly saddled! I especially love the last two panels, signs of a master there mate xxx

Dave Taylor - Comic Artist/Storyteller

Beautiful, Tim!

Lee Sherrington - Fan

Honestly Tim Perkins when I read it, I felt like a child again. Maybe it's me, but Worlds End has that kind of magic on me."

Fabio Agius - Co-Organiser of MaltaComicCon

Received your wonderful book Worlds End volume 1 today Tim. Thank you for the book and also the thoughtful extras you also enclosed. I am immersing myself in your beautifully realised fantasy. Much too gorgeous to be ring fenced just for children, everyone should have it! I'm so glad I finally got my act together and bought it...sorry it took me so long.

Andrew John Standish - Comic Fan

Hi Tim. Ashamed to say that it's taken me ages but I finally got a serious look at your work yesterday when I bought a copy of "Riders on the Storm" @ Travelling Man in York. Prior to this had only seen bits you posted on line. What a revelation! Such a beautifully produced piece of work & absolutely adore your very distinctive style. Now on the lookout for a copy of "Hard Reign" & anything else of yours I can lay my grubby paws on! Sorry to have taken so long really reaching your stuff but better late than never. Your style is fabulous - sorry I didn't reach you earlier!

Andy Stockoe - Comic Fan

Dude this one is looking better than Vol 1 and that was amazing!

Chris Le Galle - Co-Organiser of MaltaComicCon

Spectacular! You are rocking the art of comics right now, my friend.

Rob Moran - Comic Artist/Illustrator

It was seriously epic watching you render the paints for this piece, its awe inspiring!

Gabriella Golden - Artist & Colour Flats Wizard

Tim - it really ROCKS , man! The type of environment I prefer , giving us more freedom to create and be 'organic' in our storytelling.

Sergio Cariello - Comic Artist

It's very gratifying to see your work, it's rare to see such excellence in concept and execution. Excellence can't be won, bought, or earned -- it just is. I would like to acknowledge your graphic novel Worlds End, which I found at www.wizards-keep.com and will share on my FB page.

Jack Katz - Artist and Creator of The First Kingdom comic book series

World's End has pride of place in our new graphic novel stand.

Naser Rasool - Comic Shop Owner - The Batcave

This was bought for my son yet it has appealed to everyone that saw it, from a 3 year old to an 85 year old. This is a fantastic graphic novel with a great story. We can't wait for the next instalment.

Rebecca Waite - Customer - Fan

Excellent story and gorgeous art. Great read for fantasy lovers, and sc-fi fans alike. Can't wait to get stuck into volume 2.

Damian Davidson - Fan

An exquisite graphic novel with enough detail on each and every page to ensure that it will become a treasured keep-sake. The perfect gift for all young-at-heart fantasy fans. I'm proud to have helped (in just a small way) in the production of the book.

James Hill - Editor in Chief - Writer

This is a fun-filled labour of love. To be read again and again.

John Ridgway - Writer – Artist – “Frontiers” - “Dr Who” – “Prince Valiant”

Synchronised purpleness! The pages I'm colouring at the moment, are also super-purply. Nice work, looking forward to seeing this in paper form.

Yel Zamor - Digital Colourist - Artist


Joe Jusko - Fantasy Illustrator

Looks brilliant, Tim

Ferg Handley - Comic Book Writer

Lookin´good! This is going to be fun!

Mike Dubisch - Fantasy Artist

Some really terrific art here, Tim!!

Simon Coleby - Comic Artist - "Universal Soldier" - "The Authority" - "GW" - "Judge Dredd"

Tim, you and I have to work together on something ... let me know what you think.

J Robert Bryans - President and C.E.O. of Gaelstone Media Group

Hello, Tim, this looks absolutely stunning!! I would love to offer my services regarding print and distribution!!

Stuart Gould - Ukcomics

Kids will love this book; can't wait to give a copy to my great nephew, William

Jon Haward - Comic Artist - "Spider-Man" - "Hulk" - "Macbeth"

Fantastic stuff, Tim

David Hitchcock - Artist - Writer

Anxiously awaiting Volume two!!!!

Michael Quinton - Co-Organiser of MaltaComicCon

Love the color scheme!

Mark McKenna - Comic Artist

Great, creepy atmosphere to this!

Nick Abadzis - Comic Artist - Writer "Laika" - "Hugo Tate"

Beautiful use of color to provide real depth to the panel. Excellent work mate!

Charles Yoakum - Comic Artist - Inker - Writer

Really nice work, Tim

Jeff Anderson - Comic Artist "Transformers" - "Shadows Edge" - "Judge Dredd"


Mike Collins Comic Artist - Writer - "Dr Who" - "X-Men" - "Batman" - "Action Force"

Lovely stuff, Tim...This would make a brilliant animated movie.

Rob Moran - Comic Artist - Writer - Cartoonist - Illustrator - Computer Game Designer


Ed Polgardy - Writer - Editor - Producer

Fans of comic book and fantasy art, great storytelling and fun, fun, fun adventure - you must read Worlds End! This is an innovative and sumptuously illustrated fantasy adventure for all ages, lavishly presented in full colour in large format and it’s a fine, quality product... 'and no mistake!' A perfect present for Christmas (and beyond), children will love and instantly warm to these imaginative characters and amazing settings and adults will be blown away by the stunning visuals, which will have you reminiscing for your childhood annuals and the best of your favourite Saturday Morning cartoon adventures. The Wizard Perkins and his fantastic familiars have put their heart and soul into this and it shows - I can't wait for Volume 2!! Simply Magical!!

Simon Wyatt - Comic Artist - "Unbelievable: The Man Who Hate Daffodils"


Ian Sharman - Comic Artist - Writer - Editor - Co-Founder of Orang Utan Comics


Mychailo Kazybrid - Comic Artist

Yes Tim, like the other guys I love those light beams and the overall mood of the page and the ever so slightly unsettling feel you get as you looks at the last panel - you know something is about to happen and you want more. Great storytelling!

Peter Richardson - Artist - Writer - Editor

I like the sense of clarity in your artwork - not going overboard with the colours, keeping things clear (i.e. readable)

Jon Edwards - Penciller "Carters Column" Birmingham Mail

Great story, characters that make you fall in love with them instantly and an artwork which is brilliant! :D For fantasy lovers, this will be a great read!! :D

Jeanelle Zammit - Comic Artist - Malta

"Tim Perkins is a phenomenal all around artist from England whose work for every major publisher and art on Warner Bros 'Tiny Toons' has been making a great impact on the fans."

Barry Kraus - Publisher - Karl Art Publishing

"Add to this the incredible talent of painter Tim Perkins, and I'm sure you'll agree we've managed to put together one of the best creative teams in comics!"

Ed Polgardy - Editor - Defiant Comics

"The art and colors have got a personality all their own, giving this title (Dark Dominion) a sort of 'trademark look' and the quality is undeniably top-notch"

Tue Sorenson - Copenhagen - Denmark

"Couple this with the uncanny colors - who is Tim Perkins? - and you have 'powerful', super-action-filled, chilling, intense stuff."

Alvaro E. Pereira - Somerset - MA - USA

"Tim Perkins: After at least three pencillers, Dark Dominion retains the same excellent 'look' due to Tim's talents... the other half of the best painter duo in comics.

Jerrod M. Kloetzer - Aberdeen WA - USA

"LUCKY BAG COMIC! #25 Toontastic. John Freeman, Paul Palmer, Joe Matthews & various. £1.99 (inside Toontastic’s Lucky Bag Comic pack). This colourful kids’ comic features an impressive twelve original home grown comic strips, including Dick Turtle by John Freeman, Mark Bennington’s Jungle Jane, Thor Losers by Tim Perkins, and Nigel Kitching’s Bug-Eyed Monsters. Fun escapism for young ’uns, definite value for money, and a nice showcase for Brit talent"

Comics International

"Lucky Bag is a totally originated humour comic strip published by Oldham-based Toontastic, which sells about 40,00 copies every issue. Contributors include Tim Perkins, Nigel Parkinson, Paul J. Palmer, John Jackson and many other talents"

John Freeman - Down the Tubes

"What's so readily noticeable about Wizards Keep is its intentions to produce quality - in its packaging, presentation, actual material of worth, and business approach. I sincerely believe that, long-term, you've got something that's going to succeed, especially, if, as I perceive it, you're reaching out beyond the comics crowd towards the art and collectors' markets."

Paul H Birch - Assistant Editor on Gumby Comics (by Bob Burden & Rick Geary)

"Hi Ya Tim. Great Web Site...."

Mike Ploog - Writer – Comic and Film Concept Artist - “Ghost Rider” – “Weirdworld” - "King Kull"

“Hi Tim, thank you for your response. I'm over the moon that you're willing to sell me some of your Dreamstone comic pages! This comic was a major part of my childhood and I will treasure your art! Wow, choice of the entire archive - it's better than a dream! Once again, thank you very much, Tim. I couldn't be happier!”

Claire Green – Dreamstone Fan

"Brilliant website, Tim! Congratulations and I wish you lots of well-deserved success!"

Karen Lamb – Animator and Illustrator

"Hi, Tim, I just wanted to say that having read about 'Worlds End' in the recent issue of Comics International, I looked forward to checking out your website. A first class treat which provokes one to return to it. Really wonderful artwork. Here's wishing you the very best with 'Worlds End'."

Mike Kazybrid - Artist

Congratulations!!!!!!! Glad you are fully up and running. Every success in all that you do. I think it's one of the bravest endeavours I've ever known and I sincerely hope that it all works out.

John Ridgway - Writer – Artist – “Frontiers” - “Dr Who” – “Prince Valiant” – “ Hal Starr”

I'm a big fan of anyone who takes stuff from one genre to another, takes inspiration from pretty much anything and transfers it to something else.

Max Nichols - Webmaster - Zelda Legends

Lots of that good luck, again - Best Wishes.

David Lloyd - Artist on “V for Vendetta” - "Night Raven" - Writer - Artist "Kickback"

Hey, Tim...Just a quickie...Site looks great...Well done!

James Hill – Editor-in-Chief - Toontastic Publishing Ltd

Just a note to say, that having just spent about 30 minutes looking around, I thought you should know, I think your website ROCKS!

Chris Trickett - Director - House of Trix

Good luck, Tim! The website looks great...

Dave Gibbons - Writer – Artist – “Watchmen” – “Green Lantern” – “Dan Dare”

The stuff you've sent is absolutely "AMAZING"!! I own almost all of the issues who's covers you've inked or coloured. I don't own every UK ThunderCats comic or even the majority of them - but whenever you've worked on the cover, it seems in most instances as a kid I ended up buying that issue! Unbelievable!!

Chris - Thundercatslair.org

e-mail: mail@wizards-keep.com   tel/fax: +44 (0) 1254 263217