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Brand New Product Ranges from Wizards Keep

7 October 2010

Wizards Keep are proud to announce the forthcoming products, which will launch at MaltaComicCon2

MaltaComicCon 2 LOGO

Here at the Keep we are excited to preview the forthcoming product ranges, which will launch and be on sale in little more than a week's time
amidst the sunshine of the island of Malta, where Tim is appearing as a returning guest artist and writer.

  • First up is the first of the Worlds End T-Shirts.
Worlds End T-Shirt 001
  • Second is the Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition, Worlds End Portfolio
Wizards Keep Portfolio Envelope Colour Art


  • Third is the MaltaComicCon2 Poster
MaltaComicCon2 - Tim Perkins Poster

As well as the new Wizards Keep produced Worlds End products Tim will also be signing the first ever graphic novel produced in Malta,
"The Golden Lizard" - a mature readers only title for which Tim produced the digitally painted artwork for the cover, based on the designs of
Fabio Agius, written by Chris LeGalle and Coloured by Mark Ellul.

Also check out the fully digitally painted, Pin up art he has produced for John Bamber's Forthcoming graphic novel, Lollipop - a wonderful fantasy
story with a Zombie twist.

Tim will also be taking along:

  • Artwork from the Worlds End graphic novel, with just over half of them hopefully in colour - he is painting them from across the studio, as these words are being written.
  • A very limited amount of copies of the Markosia published, Relentless comic book pencilled by Tim with painted colours by his Worlds End colour assistant, Yelena Zamor, here producing the full painted colours on her first ever full length comic book.
  • A very limited amount of copies of the mature readers Dark Crusade comic book from the 1990's.
  • Worlds End Ashcan (including the money off vouchers for redeeming against the price of the graphic novel due out in 2011).
  • Tim's Limited Edition Sketch Book.
  • Worlds End "BriteMat" Mouse Mats.
  • Worlds End A2 Posters.
  • Fantasy Bookmarks.
  • As well as a second chance to buy posters from last year's event (when these go there are no more) and some "FREEBIES" for good measure

Anyone attending the convention will be able to purchase any of the products above, but please remember they are limited in the numbers that Tim is
able to physically able to carry along for the flight, so pay a visit to his tables ASAP, to avoid any disappoint on the day.

Anyone wishing to have the products signed can do so at no extra cost.

There may also be a chance to ask Tim for a personalised sketch.

There will also be the opportunity to pre-order the first volume of the Worlds End graphic novel - "Riders on the Storm" at a reduced cost. So in
other words order an Ashcan with the redeemable voucher against the cost of the graphic novel and pre-order a graphic novel as well
and make a conciderable saving on the cost of the book out in 2011.

Space permitting, Tim may also be taking along the three characters from the Worlds End Figurines range.

e-mail: mail@wizards-keep.com   tel/fax: +44 (0) 1254 263217