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SciFi Art Now…

27 April 2010

Worlds End Graphic Novel LOGO Cropped

Wizards Keep are pleased to announce that following an invite from writer/editor John Freeman, to submit examples of Tim's latest work for possible inclusion in his forthcoming book SciFi Art Now (following the successful publications, Fantasy Art Now, by Martin McKenna, its second volume Fantasy Art Now 2, by Ally Fell & Duddlebug and Comic Art Now, by Dez Skinn, in which the Worlds End "On the Run" Poster was shown) once again Tim's current work will be on display in its pages.


The book, which was subtitled, Alien Worlds gave Tim the opportunity to put forward pages from volume one of the graphic novel series, "Riders on the Storm," that pertained to the title in question. This is going to be a great way to showcase Worlds End once more prior to the actual publication date and will give folks a teaser as to what is to come, in terms of what you will see in print.


Tim would like to take time to thank both John, for his initial approach to him about showcasing his work in this new book and the guys at the publishers, Ilex Press, for affording him the opportunity to do so, once again.


This is a great honour to Tim, especially in light of the fact that, whilst a lot of people where invited to submit work for consideration, not everyone that submitted work was included in the book due to space limitations and thus makes him feel very privileged to be included amongst some of the most respected artists of the moment.


The book is available to pre-order now from Amazon by visiting the links here:


SciFi Art Now at Amazon.co.uk


SciFi Art Now at Amazon.com


You can order the book from the links contained in the Other Publishers pages below the Shop section here on the Wizards Keep website and by clicking the link below:


Other Publications


You can also visit John's dedicated SciFi Art Now Blog for more up-to-date news as it happens by clicking the link below:


SciFi Art Now Blog


There is also a link on the Fellow Bloggers Area, which you can find by scrolling down on the left hand column of Tim's Blog page.


There is an introduction from veteran SF illustrator Chris Foss and the final line-up of art is a good cross section of talent, including work by Bob Eggleton, Ron Miller, Lee Gibbons, John Picacio, Rian Hughes and many others, at varying stages in their careers.


John spoke to us here at the Keep over the weekend via email in which he said, "We had a terrific response to the appeal for art, and while not everyone who sent in pieces made it in, the number that did is pretty high and there's quite a range of styles featured."


We are excited to see the work inside the book, as we know from the previous three books in the series and also the other books published by the UK publisher, Ilex Press, what to expect in terms of design and value for money with high end art books.


John is also planning on producing a series of ongoing "Quick-fire" 10 Questions and Answers interviews on the SciFi Art Now Blog with each of the artists who feature in the run up to the release of the book and in which John has very kindly asked Tim to take part.


Check back soon for more information about the SciFi Art Now Blog and indeed the release of the book as it happens.

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