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The DINOSWORDS - Primordial Edition

The DINOSWORDS - Primordial Edition © Wizards Keep

Republishing the 1990's comic book adventures of The DINOSWORDS - created by international comic artist and writer, Tim Perkins with the help of writer and editor James Hill.

This Black & White, All-Ages comic book collects the 1990's comic book adventures of The DINOSWORDS.

Originally published as 12 issues of two page and three page humorous adventure strips back in 1991 - this Primordial Edition reprints those episodes in Black & White and includes the 6 never-before-seen episodes created prior to the publisher ceasing publication.

This Primordial Edition contains newly revised scripts and some new colours provided by Tim and is wrapped in new full colour cover artwork.

Tim Perkins and James Hill tell a fun-filled series of stories with as BIG a set of Villains as the Heroes themselves.

A4 Format - Soft Cover - Fully illustrated - 44 part black & white and colour pages + Cover.

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The DINOSWORDS - Primordial Edition

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