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Dedications LOGO
I would like to now take this opportunity to thank some people, long overdue in the coming:
  • First my Mum & Dad and Brother Chris, whose support, always, as helped me get to where I am now.
  • Margaret, my wife, she's my rock, the love of my life and an unsung heroine. (See the Full Artist Profile).
  • My two children, Joanne & Simon, my greatest ever creations.
  • Paul Roberts, my comrade-in-arms, always.
  • Leo Brown and Simon Clegg, my artistic soul brothers.
  • Barry Kitson, who started the ball rolling for me.
  • John Ridgway, a great artist, whose advice, friendship and more, I can never repay.
  • Jim Shooter who made a dream come true and showed me how it can be done.
  • And a big thanks to Jack "King" Kirby who first showed me the dream, with his wonderful work. I never had the privilege of meeting him, but I hope you're watching from Heaven. Thanks Jack.
  • Richard Starkings, the Best Letterer in the Business, for his fonts (some of which are used in my Sketch Books) and his friendship over the years.
  • Jon Haward for his friendship and all the laughter.
  • To all the other creators I have worked with, far too numerous to mention, but you know who you are.
  • To all the other creators I know only through the fantastic artwork or writings they produce.
  • To Vince and Cara and the guys down at SurfOcracy for their wonderful work on this website - they come highly recommended by me.
  • And last, but by no means least, to all of you that have taken the effort to look at both my work over the years and this website.

Without all you guys I wouldn't be here today.

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