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Private Commissions

Private Commissions LOGO

If you would like to have Tim Perkins produce an original piece of artwork based on one of his original characters (or a character or characters of your choice) you can now do so by entering your details and request in an email to mail@wizards-keep.com

The prices for private commissions are detailed below:

Artwork size/medium Basic artwork + original pencil sketch + extra characters + basic background + elaborate background
A4 Pencilled Artwork 25.00 NA 25.00 per character 15.00 30.00
A4 Inked Artwork 60.00 (pencil & ink) NA 60.00 per character 30.00 60.00
A4 Coloured Artwork - Traditional 80.00 (pencil & ink & colour) NA 80.00 per character 40.00 80.00
A4 Coloured Artwork - Photoshop 80.00 (coloured print) 25.00 80.00 per character 40.00 80.00
A4 Watercolour Painting 110.00 NA 110.00 per character included 80.00
A3 Pencilled Artwork 50.00 NA 50.00 per character 25.00 50.00
A3 Inked Artwork 125.00 (pencil & ink) NA 125.00 per character 60.00 120.00
A3 Coloured Artwork - Traditional 180.00 (pencil & ink & colour) NA 180.00 per character 70.00 140.00
A3 Coloured Artwork - Photoshop 250.00 (coloured print) 50.00 250.00 per character 100.00 200.00
A3 Watercolour Painting 350.00 NA 350.00 per character included 200.00
A2 Acrylic Painting 450.00 NA 450.00 per character included 250.00
A2 Oil Painting 650.00 NA 650.00 per character included 350.00

Please Note:

  • Prices are for 1 x character only with no background. If you want extra characters and backgrounds please add the costs as detailed in the table above. e.g. A4 Pencil Sketch + 1 extra character + elaborate background = 80.00
  • Completion times for commissions will be discussed with the client in the initial email response. This will vary due to the constraints of working to professional deadlines. Your patience is greatly appreciated here.

What you will receive:

Prior to receiving the original artwork:

  • Each client, upon commissioning an illustration, will receive a low-resolution jpeg of the actual pencil sketch, following the completion of the sketch.
  • In the case of an A4 or A3 pencil sketch being commissioned the client will receive a low-resolution jpeg of the actual finished artwork.
  • In all other cases (inked, coloured, or painted pieces) the low-resolution jpeg is the initial sketch only.
  • In all cases this is the illustration that the client will be receiving.
  • Tim has given the client the right to refuse to commit to the commission at this stage.
  • Please if you have changed your mind at this stage or do not wish to take a sketch to a finished piece of inked or colour artwork, let Tim know so that unwanted artwork is not produced.
  • If there is a very specific picture that you wish to commission, please ensure that full and correct descriptions are given to Tim prior to commissioning.
  • Prior to beginning a piece of artwork for a client 50% of the total value of the commission is required before Tim can begin work on it, with the remaining 50% outstanding balance required prior to sending out the finished artwork.

Tim is also available for Commercial Commissions.

Please note:

  • Prices do not include postage and packing.
  • All original artwork will only be sent by Special Delivery in the UK and Airmail outside of the UK, to ensure security and safe delivery of the goods.
  • Postal and packaging rates will automatically be added to your order at the checkout.
  • All artwork and prints are mailed flat.
  • All canvases will be mailed in tubes due to the nature of the sizes and material.
  • The sizes of artwork and prints are the external sizes of the actual paper.
  • The sizes of the Canvases exceed the stated sizes to allow the canvas to be stretched on a canvas stretcher frame if required. The artwork sizes here have a waste area around them to allow for this.

Please click on the link below to view examples of commissions already undertaken by Tim:

Private Commissions Gallery

e-mail: mail@wizards-keep.com   tel/fax: +44 (0) 1254 263217