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004 - Tim's Network Links

Here's where you can "follow" Tim on the Internet

Bentley Bogtrotter's Twitter Page - Tim's Dog, Bentley's Twitter Page

Gweldar's Twitter Page - The Official Worlds End Twitter Page, run by Mathemagician, Gweldar

The DINOSWORDS Official Website - The Homepage for all the latest news and updates on The DINOSWORDS franchise - Comic Books and Merchandise.

Tim on FaceBook - Tim's Official FaceBook Page

Tim on Goodreads - Tim's Official Goodreads Author Page

Tim on Google+ - Tim's Official Google+ Page

Tim on JacketFlap - Tim's Official JacketFlap Page

Tim on LinkedIn - Tim's Official LinkedIn Page

Tim on MySpace - Tim's Official MySpace Page

Tim on Twitter - Tim's personal Twitter Page

Wizards Keep FaceBook Page - - The Official Wizards Keep FaceBook Page

Worlds End FaceBook Page - The Official Worlds End FaceBook Page

Worlds End Official Website - Worlds End website for all the latest up to date news on the Worlds End franchise

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