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Bristol International Comics Expo 2008

16 May 2008

Bristol Expo 2008 Logotype

Well as we continue to recover after the Bristol Comics Expo this last weekend we can report it was a great success for us.


The weekend had some brilliant weather, other than the thunderstorm on the Friday evening. The crowds of fans were queued right the way around the venue all day on the Saturday and at several times they were prevented from entering the hall due to fire regulations. Obviously folks are back reading comics again!!! 


On show we had the Worlds End Ashcan, the new Worlds End Figurines, "Gweldar", "Ralf", and "Master Chl'Atheeir, the new Worlds End Mouse Mats, The Worlds End Door Posters, the first in a series of Fantasy Bookmarks, the last remaining copies of Dark Crusade from way back in 1995 (we still have a few copies left if anyone is interested - if so send your enquiry via email to mail@wizards-keep.com). We also had lots of Freebies to give away and the usual product ranges.


Speaking of the Worlds End Ashcan, anyone who wishes to purchase one (or more!!!) priced at 1.50 will receive an official 2.50 voucher which can be redeemed against the price of the graphic novel when it sees publication in 2009. So depending on how you view it you get 2.50 off the graphic novel or your money back off the Ashcan and 1.00 off the book. The Ashcan contains some work which will not see print in the graphic novel, so it is a standalone comic. Even the sequential pages will see plenty of changes.


The Ashcan, Mouse Mat are available now from the Wizards keep Shop. The Door Poster and Book Marks will be available here in the Shop sometime over the next week or so. There are also new sections being built for the release of the Figurines. We have some Kit Versions ready for sale, but the manufacturers are still producing the others. There is also a new section at the bottom of the left hand column for the Grand Gweldar Competition.


Congratulations to all those that took part in the "Draw RALF" competition over the weekend to try to win a one off Giclee of the Ashcan cover at original size. This is different to the regular one now being offered in the shop section.


Worlds End Cover Illo

Exclusive "Draw Ralf" competition Giclee Print original size- 1 of 1 - Artwork - Tim Perkins & Joe Rubinstein


The winner of the exclusive "What Now!?! Worlds End Giclee is: THOMAS WARNE age 14

Below is his winnning sketch:


Ralf Sketch By Thomas Warne

Winning "RALF" sketch by Thomas Warne - Age 14


We never have losers here at the Keep however and although we never announced this previous to, or during the event, everyone that took part is a winner.


All the runners up win a signed "On the Run!" Worlds End Poster.

James Moloney

Joseph Kime

Finn Moxon


Ellie J. aged 10 - Please send your address via email

James Maccullock

Alexander Howells

David James

Amy Knott

Joanne Molden

Michael Peterson

Chelsei Downham

Daniel Snowden

Scott Timmins

Thomas Lucas

Andrew Cullen

Charlotte Ranson

Michelle Lions

Simon Ellis

David France

Hannah Michaels

Well-done all of you guys!!! Stand up and take a bow.


Your prizes will be sent out very soon.


Congratulations also go out to one of Tim's students who attends his Fantasy Art Unlimited course, fifteen year old Lewis Costello, who wrote his first published comic book with artwork by Sean Phillips' son Jacob, GALLEON 43, which went on sale on the Saturday of the Expo. It contained a fantastically supportive foreword written by Bryan Talbot and sported a cover Tim. Well-done guys!!!


Thanks also to all the customers that took the trouble to stop by and chat and buy our products. Your support means everything to us.


We are already looking forward to next year's Expo. In the meantime we have been invited along to the 2D Northern Ireland Comics Festival in June and the Leeds Thought Bubble Festival in November, so we may see you there. There is also a Lancaster Comics Convention 2008 event doing the rounds in the rumour mill of comicdom, and we will definitely be attending this, if the rumours are indeed true.


Over on Tim's Blog you can see some photos, which hopefully show some of the fun aspects of this year's Brsitol Comics Expo.


Things to Come:

  • First off will come the new additions to the shop sections
  • Look out over the summer months, which will see the Hall of Fame launch at last.
  • The Gweldar Competition
  • A new series of Giclee Prints, unlike any on sale at the moment here on the Wizards Keep website
  • The launch in 2009 of the first in the series of Worlds End graphic novels - "The Riders on the Storm"

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