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2011 - An exciting year ahead

11 January 2011

Here at the Keep the excitement mounts as the Worlds End Graphic Novel moves further towards completion.

2011 is seeing pages being finished off a fair old rate and Tim's production is gathering speed as the book continues to be the priority one project
for him at Wizards Keep this year.

The script is about to be sent off to the other side of the world to the sunny climes of California for Richard Starkings, a good friend and colleague
of Tim's from way back in the mid-eighties and his time working for Marvel UK, to begin lettering it.

What's new at the Keep?

  • You may have seen some slight changes to the order of the Grey Column under the SHOP section to the left hand side of the pages on the Website. That has been initiated to enable customers/fans/visitors to better navigate the launch this year of Worlds End. Hence a
    better profile for the Blog and Gallery sections in the rankings in that column.
  • You may have also seen a new section arrive there, entitled: Creator Friends. This is a new section which is going to contain some of Tim's
    friends from the comics business and will be a showcase for many of his peers. This will launch ASAP with time permitting, alongside that will be
    the launch of the Photo Gallery section too and the addition of Phillip Craig Russell to the Hall of Fame section at some point during 2011.
  • This year will also see the official launch of the new Worlds End Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Portfolio and the Worlds End T-Shirt range.
  • Also due to go into production later in the year are the Worlds End Colouring Book and following this the Worlds End Sketch Book, which will contain the work of many of Tim's favourite artists with their own interpretations of his characters. 

Please come back soon for more information on launch dates.

Please also check out the Website too for the launch date of the Worlds End Graphic Novel, as well as Signing Tour dates as well as Convention,
and Festival appearances.

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