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British International Comics Show

27 September 2009


Tim to attend BICS 2009

Tim will be attending this year's comics convention down in Birmingham, which takes place this coming weekend, so if you see him,
please go over and have a chat, don't be shy.

He is attending as an official guest at the Friday evening Launch Party and on the Saturday too.

Work commitments on Worlds End and a number of new projects prevents him from attending on the Sunday.

He will have the completed pencil pages for Worlds End with him to show you and also some Ashcans and other bits and bobs of merchandising
for sale.

Time hasn't allowed us to sort a table for him, unfortunately, but he will have copies on him all the time he is there, so feel free to ask for one.

If there is anything in particular you would like to buy off him, over the two days, please just drop us a line here at the website, via email and he will 
take it is along too.

Tim is looking forward to seeing you guys, as always.

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