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British International Comics Show 2009

1 October 2009


It is with a great deal of regret that we announce that Tim is unable to attend the convention, whose launch party is tomorrow evening.


Tim is incredibly disappointed, especially in light of planning to meet so many people and being unable to attend Bristol earlier this year too.


He had been looking forward to showing everyone the newly rendered pages as well as the full Worlds End book as finished pencils.


A current commercial job, which Tim is involved with for another company, has got some problems, which Tim has been trying to address today.


Unfortunately, if he were to attend this weekend's convention he would be unable to meet his end of the deadline for the other company's client, which, for professional reasons he cannot allow to happen.


We can only apologise to everyone, professional and fan alike that have spoken to Tim in recent weeks and arranged to meet up with him.


This was an important event for us here at the Keep, as it is the largest UK event now, before next summer, with which to promote the Worlds End graphic novel.


We would just like to say, however, that we hope all of you guys going along have fun and that the event is a resounding success for both James and Shane the two organisers, to which personal apologies have been sent in advance of this announcement.

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