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Happy New Year

2 January 2020

Well. it's a great start to the New Year, Folks, here at Wizards Keep.

Tim has just announced that he has just completed writing the final working draft of Worlds End Volume 3 - Don't Fear The Reapers and started on the final working draft of Worlds End Volume 4 - Close to the Edge.

Volume 3 continues in the vein of the first two volumes and is the longest to date running at 65 pages of strip story.

Volume 4 will be running even longer at 70 pages of strip story in length.


If you thought Book 2 was exciting and full of explosions and high adventure then wait until you see what Tim has in store for you this time around.

He promises there is even more high adventure and even more explosions - in fact more so than you can see in any of his other work.

Exciting times indeed.

Check back soon for more updates and the first artwork for Worlds End Volume 3 - Don't Fear The Reapers.

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