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Happy New Year 2012

31 December 2011

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We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and that you all enjoy a Happy New Year.

We have had delays in the shipping of the graphic novels from our printers in Bosnia, hence the lack of promotional material from us this month. Our momentum was suddenly ground to a halt following the wonderfully successful launches in Malta and here in the UK where we saw all the launch books sell out. The UK ones lasted for only an hour and half before we ran out. Something we always hoped would happen, but something, which one cannot ever predict.

We have now been told that at long last and massively overdue that the books are in the UK in customs, so hopefully they should arrive with us here this week. Once the books have been unloaded, opened and checked over they will be shipped out ASAP. Thanks to everyone that placed an advanced pre-order (some from way back in September when the pre-sales were posted here on the Wizards Keep website) we really appreciate your patience.

Provision is being put into place for any subsequent reprints and the printing of the other graphic novels in the series to ensure this kind of delay will not happen again.

The books are wonderfully printed and bound and we hope the quality more than makes up for the wait.

Thanks to the folks that helped Tim to create the first book in his graphic novel series, Yel Zamor, Albert Deschesne, Paul Finch, James Hill, and Rob Sharp Bryan Talbot and John Ridgway for their continued support and writing their marvellous Foreword and Introductions in the book, respectively and those fortunate folk that managed to get hold a book at both of the launches and have since written to us and commented on the Internet with their thoughts about it.

Some exciting news about the Worlds End project; as well as the video trailer, which has been very successful for us as we promote the project, please check out the new "all-ages friendly" WORLDS END Website.


Here you will see the first pages from the story and lots of extras. Over time you will also see some specially written stories from the saga, which you can read online.

All that remains is for us to wish everyone an incredibly Happy New Year!!!

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