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John Gillmore Interviews Tim for BBC Radio Lancashire

24 February 2015

Simply click on the Banner Art directly below to listen to the MP3 interview from Gilly's Wednesday 18th February Radio Show:

 photo Interview-Banner-01-Gilly_zps7b53d1d6.png

Don't forget to continue to check out the News Pages for more updates on events, appearances as part of this year's celebrations, as well as further information about Worlds End - Volume 2 - A Hard Reign's Gonna Fall.

And be sure to listen in to BBC Radio Lancashire on Wednesday 24th June to catch Part 2 of John "Gilly" Gilmore's live interview with Tim, when they get together once more in the BBC studios to discuss Wizards Keep, Worlds End, the 10 Year Anniversary for the Company and what the future may have in store.

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