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Latest Media Interview Announcement

24 March 2010

Radio Lancashire LOGO Banner 2010

We received a call at the Keep earlier this afternoon asking if Tim was available to give an interview at Radio Lancashire on Monday the 29th of March, which is this coming Monday.

Apologising for the short notice, Carole Turner asked if Tim would like to go along for the 1:00 p.m. John "Gilly" Gillmore show.

The presenters want Tim to show them how to draw and get them involved in producing some characters, which sounds like great FUN!

Tim as agreed to the interview, especially in light of his two previous ones, which went down a great storm with the presenters and the listeners, when the previous interviews were aired.

He will be taking along copies of the Worlds End Ashcan and some of the other Wizards Keep merchandise, so be sure to listen in for a chance to win some of the goodies.

So if you want to hear various questions about his career, present projects and fantast art courses answered direct from the proverbial horse's mouth be sure to tune in on Monday to the 1:00 p.m. show live on 95.5 FM / 103.9 FM / DAB.

You never know you may even get to put a question to him yourself.

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