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12 October 2010

MaltaComicCon2 Logo

Latest News from the Wizards Keep Studio

With four days to go before the comic convention this coming Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th of October Tim is working to complete the pages
of the Worlds End graphic novel, so the first half of the book can be shown to visitors over the weekend.

As you may have read in the last News Item here on the website the other day (please click the blue text to be taken to the page in question) Tim will be taking along limited amounts of merchandise from the Wizards Keep product range and from the Worlds End range especially.

You will get a chance to see the latest fully painted pages from the graphic novel as well as three new products all launching at
MaltaComcCon2; Worlds End T-Shirts - Worlds End Signed and Numbered, Limited Edition, Portfolios - MaltaComicCon2 Posters.

The festival is being held at the same venue as last year; The St. James Cavalier in the capital city, Valletta.

This year's international guest list line up comprises of the following comics creators and officials:

  • Liam Sharp
  • Gary Erskine
  • Sean Azzopardi
  • Dave Windett
  • Claudio Castellini
  • Renee Witterstaetter

...as well as Tim himself.



Sketchings and Signings:

As well as the new Wizards Keep produced Worlds End products Tim will also be signing the first ever graphic novel produced in Malta,
"The Golden Lizard" - a mature readers only title for which Tim produced the digitally painted artwork for the cover, based on the designs of
Fabio Agius, written by Chris LeGalle and Coloured by Mark Ellul.

The Golden Lizard Cover Art

The Golden Lizard Cover Art (sans typography) - Tim Perkins



Tim will be creating workshops thoughout the weekend.

These will comprise of:

Saturday 11:00 a.m.:

  • Children's workshop - Drawing comic characters

Saturday 15:00 p.m.:

  • Adult's workshop 01 - Creating comic book characters


Sunday 11:00 a.m.:

  • Children's workshop - Drawing comic characters

Sunday 15:00 p.m.:

  • Adult's workshop 02 - Storytelling techiniques - How to tell a story sequentially



Special Events:

The wife of the Maltese President, Mrs Abela will attend the Malta Comic Con on Saturday 16th October at 13.00. Local and foreign artists will
prepare a number of works to be donated to the Community Chest Fund as charity.

American guest, Renee Witterstaetter will also review artists' portfolios during the Malta Comic con.

An after Party will take place on Saturday at the Santana Hotel in the Cashmere Bar, situated in Qawra to get together and have some fun.

Tim and the other guests will be in attendance at this event and look forward to meeting as many of the visitors and fans as possible.

Come along and get a chance to speak to the comics creators in a relaxed atmosphere.

Anyone checking out this year's very busy convention schedule will no doubt be impressed and see there is an awful lot more going on at this year's

e-mail: mail@wizards-keep.com   tel/fax: +44 (0) 1254 263217