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27 June 2009

Apologies regarding the payment gateway: 

A customer has just notified us that the Wizards Keep payment page is inoperative at the moment.

Our Web-Developers, SurfOcracy are presently trying to rectify the problem.

Sage Pay took over Protx, our original payment provider earlier this year and promised there would be no issues with customers making payments on the websites of clients such as Wizards Keep using the new Sage Pay gateway.

This is obviously not the case and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have and is continuing to cause our customers.

Please rest assured we will be speaking to Sage Pay ourselves this week for an explanation as to why this was allowed to happen.

There has obviously been some upgrading when switching over from Protx to Sage Pay, despite assurances there would be none and we have not been notified of anything that was required from our web-developers.

Many thanks for your continued patience.

Orders such as original art can still be reserved by dropping us a line here at the Keep to ensure they are earmarked.

Any such emails will be dealt with on a priority one basis, ASAP and will be followed by an email from us to confirm the payment system is back up and running again.

You may then place your order via the website.

UPDATE Announcement:

An announcement will be made ASAP when the problem is resolved.

In the meantime your continued patience is greatly appreciated.



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