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Seasons Greetings from all at Wizards Keep

2 December 2010

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We thought we would begin the celebrations with the addition of a set of four NEW Christmas Cards - all illustrated by Tim back in the nineteen nineties and sent to his colleagues and close family and friends at the time and now available to the general public and his fans for the first time.

We also want to extend our, now, customary tradition of FREE Shipping throughout the month of December until 12:00 midnight on the evening of January 1st.

Below you will find these latest editions in the Wizards Keep A5 Greetings Card range.

This year's Christmas Cards, designed by Tim, are entitled "Oh Christmas Tree", "Frost Giant", "Snow Princess", and "Jack Frost" and are available as card sets, which you can purchase from Wizards Keep.

These can be found under the new area in the Shop section entitled Christmas Cards, or you can click the link here: Christmas Cards

The Cards can also be mixed and matched with the other cards in the series, come in packs of sixes and twelve's and come complete with envelopes.

All we need to know from customers are the amounts of each card and the rest will be done by the guys here at the Keep.

They are available from now to purchase from the Website up to: 

  • Saturday 18th December within the UK and Channel Islands
  • Monday 6th December for South and Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia
  • Friday 10th December for USA, Canada, Japan, and Eastern Europe
  • Monday 13th December for Western Europe.

Keep looking out over the holiday season here at Wizards Keep for competitions, and lots more festive fun besides!!!

And now here are the Illustrations for this year's Christmas Cards both as they will appear on the cover of the A5 cards:

Click on each card to go to the Shop for more details.


Oh Christmas Tree Card

"Oh Christmas Tree" - Pencils, Pen & Inks, and Acrylic Washes - Art: Tim Perkins


Frost Giant Christmas Card

"Frost Giant" - Pencils, Pen & Inks, and Acrylic Washes - Art: Tim Perkins


Snow Princess Christmas Card

"Snow Princess" - Pencils, Pen & Inks, and Acrylic Washes - Art: Tim Perkins

Jack Frost Christmas Card

"Jack Frost" - Pencils, Pen & Inks, and Acrylic Washes - Art: Tim Perkins


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