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Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival

11 November 2008

Thought Bubble 2008 Logo

Well this Saturday November the 15th will see Tim attending the second annual Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds.

This is his first time attending and looking at the convention itinerary; it looks to be a great event.

The Festival actually launches on Thursday and finishes on Sunday, but due to present work commitments Tim can only attend on the Saturday. 

He will be signing copies of the Worlds End Ashcan (don't forget these are only 1.50 with a 2.50 voucher, which you can redeem against the cost of the Worlds End graphic novel, when it is released in 2009).

Tim will also have available a limited amount of Sketch Books, Worlds End Posters and Giclees, Mousemats, Book Marks, Original Artwork, and the usual Wizards Keep "Freebies".

Also on display will be the pencils to the "Worlds End" graphic novel.

The actual times of Tim's signings and the venue at the festival have yet to be confirmed but check back here for an update ASAP later this week.

As always please don't be shy, go along and have a chat with Tim.

As always he is looking forward to seeing as many of you guys as possible.

e-mail: mail@wizards-keep.com   tel/fax: +44 (0) 1254 263217