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Wizards Keep in Blackburn Market - Update

27 July 2009

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Blackburn Market's "Celebrate Blackburn" event is very successful for Wizards Keep!

This last Saturday, July 25th found Tim sketching and taking orders for a limited amount of private commissions.

This was also a chance to view the original pencils to the Worlds End graphic novel, which were on display.

There was also an opportunity for the general public to come along for a chat and a chance to view and purchase the usual Wizards Keep products and also some original comic art.

Tim would like to thank the folks who dropped by the stall and chatted and bought original artwork and lots of the other products on display.

The Ashcan proved very popular again and lots of folks were asking all about it and buying copies.

There were not as many children with parents as we had anticipated but the children that did stop and check things out found themselves in receipt of some of the "Freebies" being offered on the day and they too got a chance to check out Worlds End for the first time.

Hopefully these little guys and gals will continue to read the adventures from the Wizards Keep publication.

We would also like to thanks the organisers and the market staff for all their help in making this both a success on the day and also easy for us to participate in.

The event was a great idea and something we will continue to support if asked.

From all accounts the organisers and market staff seemed to think it had been an overall huge success for all involved and we hope to be re-invited soon.

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