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Wizards Keep Publishing - Latest update

17 November 2011

Wizards Keep Publishing are at long last able to announce that lots of new things have been happening during this seemingly quiet lull in proceedings, although it has hardly been a lull here inside the Keep.

Coming up below is the Video Trailer for the first volume of Worlds End, for you to view.



Gweldar the Elder - Worlds End Video Trailer


November and December of 2011 are the two biggest months in the existence of Wizards Keep as all the interim years of preparation come to their final fruition, starting with...


The world launch of the graphic novel is going to be taking place during the weekend of Saturday November 26th and Sunday 27th at the usual spectacular venue of St James Cavalier in the capital city of Valletta on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta.

There will be more guests than ever this year and the line up looks like this:

Christopher Malapitan
David Lloyd
Emma Vieceli
Gary Erskine
Jon Haward
Kate Brown
Lucio Parrillo
Marco Santucci
Michael Golden
Renee Witterstaetter
Sean Azzopardi
Sonia Leong
Steve Tanner
Thomas Gosselin
Tim Perkins

There will also be lots of local talent and Tim is really looking forward to seeing their new work.

He is going out for longer this year, as along with David Lloyd he will be delivering a series of workshops in schools and a children's workshop on Saturday morning. Both David and Tim are also scheduled to deliver a seminar each.

This is a very special trip though due to the launching of Tim's first graphic novel and also due to the warmth and support that has been afforded him by the organisers and his new found fan base over there.

As usual Tim will be blogging about his experiences out there when he gets chance after he returns from the launches.


The UK launch is taking place on Thursday December the 1st, the day after Tim arrives back from the Malta trip.

The venue for the launch is Darwen Aldridge Community Academy and starts at 6:30 p.m.

There will be complimentary drinks and nibbles and of course he will be there along with close family, friends and invited guests, including some stalwarts of the comic industry, and the other guys behind the scenes at Wizards Keep Publishing.

Tim will be signing the books on the night and he will personalise and also remark them if you want him to.

Please feel free to come along for a chat and to check out the graphic novel.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as we can at both events.

Well the moment of truth is almost at hand and we would like to say that we hope you like the Trailer.

Please feel free to like, favourite, subscribe to the channel and comment on the trailer itself.


Coming along soon will be the release of the brand new Worlds End Website, where you can follow all the current news on the project.

December will see Tim begin the final draft of the script for Worlds End Volume 2 A Hard Reign's Gonna Fall.

January will then see him begin working on the pencils for the book, whilst James edits the script once more.

The production of these second and consecutive books should be far easier to manage, as the production team are now in place. But that is later next month, there is still a lot to sort out this week before Tim flies out.

Worlds End Pre-sales LOGO


Check back soon for further updates on the run up to the launch of Worlds End Volume 1 The Riders on the Storm.

e-mail: mail@wizards-keep.com   tel/fax: +44 (0) 1254 263217