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Worlds End Colouring Book Drawing Competition

31 March 2009

Worlds End Colouring Book Competition Logo for reduction to 400dpi

We are going to be extending the deadline to the "Worlds End" Colouring Book Drawing Competition by two weeks,
as lots of folks are coming back to us late with requests to see if they are still okay to send stuff after the deadline…
Only Monday this week we received lots of requests from people wishing to send off late entries or had only just seen the competition
and wanted to see if they were still in time to send off entries?
So in good old Wizards Keep fashion we decided to go lightly with you guys and give all the late entries a chance to enter.
You can't say we don't help you guys out from time to time!
The new deadline for getting finished entries in is, as a result of this, now: Tuesday April 14th
The winners will be announced on Saturday April 18th.
This is your last chance to enter, as it is unfair to hold off any longer than this new deadline, as most entrants have sent in their artwork in time.
Can we just take the opportunity here to say that the entries sent in up to date are fantastic!!!
For full details on how to send the artwork into us here at the Keep, please click on the Worlds End Logo above.
Once more Good Luck with your entries!!!

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