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Worlds End Update

3 September 2009

Worlds End Graphic Novel LOGO Cropped

Latest News on the Worlds End graphic novel is that Lettering Legend & Guru, Richard Starkings has signed on to do the honours with the lettering.

Otherwise known to the world of comic books as the President & First Tiger of Comicraft, Richard is well known, as one of the first exponents of
digital lettering.

His fonts can be found on any number of books, magazines, TV series and Film projects, Billboards, Restaurants and even here on the Wizards Keep
Website and Blog, as well as in the pages of the Worlds End Ashcan.

Earlier Tim commented thus on the hiring of Richard Starkings;

"When I first decided I wanted to work on my own books there was only one name that came to mind and that was Richard. Like all of the Wizards
Keep products I want the best guys working alongside me on them. I have always considered Richard to be the best letterer in the business and so
there was no doubt in my mind who the letterer was to be."

High praise indeed, something, which has increased the excitement around the Keep even more today.

Drop by soon for more updates on Worlds End and remember to check out the Worlds End Gallery too.

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