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Case Studies

Please browse through case studies of Tim's previous work by clicking on the links below.


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This was the two page strip that Tim submitted to Marvel UK, which appeared in Mighty World of Marvel Showcase issue #14 cover dated July 1984.

Transformers - Marvel UK

Tim's first mainstream comic book work began on Marvel UK's Bestselling Comic Book in the eighties.

Dreamstone - London Editions Magazines - Film Fair Animations Ltd.

The Dreamstone comic was Tim's first full comic to contain his pencils and inks throughout.

Dark Dominion - Defiant Comics

Tim's trip out to New York to visit the offices of the Defiant Bullpen that lasted for 9 months.

2000AD Future Shocks

Tim has produced the artwork for three Tharg's Future Shocks for the "Galaxy's Greatest Magazine" 2000AD.

Toontastic Publishing's Lucky Bag Comic

This series heralded Tim's brief return to British humour Comics a few years ago.

Centurions - PowerXtreme.

In the late eighties following on from Marvel UK, Tim found work with Manchester based London Editions.

The Dinoswords

When Tim was approached to work on a new comic called Triffik, Dinoswords was the creation he brought to the table.

Earth Worm Jim

By the time he was asked to work on EWJ Tim had already bought the toy and had taped several episodes of the TV series.

Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket

This was the first comic work Tim produced for Newsstand Publications, working on the MWIMP Annual 1996.

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