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Below are links to other sites which you may find useful. We are not responsible for the content of any of the sites listed below.

If you are interested in listing your site here, then please fill in our link exchange submission form. We will evaluate your site and make a quick decision on whether we feel its subject matter is relevant to our site visitors.

001 - Worlds End

This is the official "Worlds End" area. Here you can view all things relating to Worlds End, including the official website, video and more.

002 - Worlds End Saga - Forum

This is the official "Worlds End" Graphic Novel discussion group. Here you can see exclusive large size artwork from volume 01. We look forward to hearing what you guys think of the Graphic Novel Series. This Forum will be going live very soon. Please check back for NEWS soon.

003 - Art Courses

List of Fantasy Art Courses.

004 - Tim's Network Links

Here's where you can "follow" Tim on the Internet

005 - Printers

A Select Group of Printers used by Wizards Keep Limited & its imprint Wizards Keep Publishing.

006 - Teaching Aids for Education

A List of Teaching Aids - created by or co-created by Tim Perkins and Wizards Keep

Art Supplies

List of companies supplying art, craft and graphic equipment.


List of Recommended Blogs.

Books for Reference

List of recommended companies supplying fantastic quality books.


List of Charities endorsed by comics artists and writers.


List of companies supplying fantastic high quality collectibles.

Comic Art Galleries

List of Comic Art Galleries showcasing Tim's artwork.

Comic Artists

List of Comic Artists.

Comic Writers

List of Comic Writers.

Comics Companies

List of Comics Companies Tim has worked for.

Comics Conventions

List of worldwide comics conventions where you may meet up with Tim.

Creative Resources

List of Creative Resource Companies.

Fan Sites

List of sites run by fans.


List of Comic Book Forums.


List of Illustrators.


List of interviews with Tim.

Media and Entertainment

List of sites specialising in Movies, DVD's Music, Games, and Comics related items.

Media Coverage

List of Media Reports on Tim and Wizards Keep.


A List of creative musicians recommended by Tim.

Other Businesses

List of Companies within Tim's Network

Retail Outlets

A list of Retail Outlets where you can view and purchase Wizards Keep products and more.


List of companies supplying fantastic quality collectible Fantasy toys.

Visits to Schools - Colleges - Universities

List of websites associated with Tim's visits - Some photos of the events.

Web design and development

List of recommended web and graphic designers.


List of webcomics available to purchase and download from the internet.

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